RTLLTR Ecnoder

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  1. #!/bin/bash
  3. # Encode a str with LTR and RTL... Remove all RTL and LTR unicode to decode.
  4. # Nice for encode URL :D ecnoded url works for Safari
  6. REV="<202e>"
  7. BACK="<202d>"
  8. STR="$*"
  10. for encode in a A c C e E g G i I k K m M o O q Q s S v V x X z Z
  11. do
  12.         STR=$(echo $STR | sed -e "s/$encode/$encode$REV/g")
  13. done
  15. for encode in b B d D f F h H j J l L n N p P r R t T u U w W y Y
  16. do
  17.         STR=$(echo $STR | sed -e "s/$encode/$encode$BACK/g")
  18. done
  19. echo "COPY THE WHOLE LINE"
  20. echo $STR

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